Malaysian Palm Oil

A sector on the forefront of sustainability and innovation, palm oil is driving the Malaysian economy, supporting small farmers, uplifting rural communities and helping to feed the world.

The Palm Brief

Society & Economics

The palm oil sector is a major contributor to the Malaysian economy and is a key export to markets across the globe.


of the entire Malaysian GDP is made up of the palm oil sector


of all Malaysian palm oil is produced by small farmers


million Malaysians employed across the palm oil supply chain


markets across the globe where palm oil is sold


largest producer of palm oil in the world


of all Malaysia’s exports are from the palm oil sector


Malaysians have been lifted out of poverty by palm oil farming


tonnes of palm oil are produced each year


small farmers across the country are involved in palm oil farming

The Value Chain

Conservation & Sustainability

Malaysia and the palm oil sector contribute significantly to domestic & international sustainability efforts and continue to work to protect forests and wildlife.


of Malaysia is covered by forests set aside for protection, conservation and recreational use


hectares of land are certified by MSPO, the largest certification scheme in the world


new hectares of forest area have been added in the last decade


tonnes of palm oil are produced per hectare, up to 20x more than any other vegetable oil


increase in the carbon stock of Malaysia’s forests over the last decade


of Malaysia’s oil palm plantations are certified by MSPO